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Flum Wafer Disposable Vape - 1600 Puffs - $13.90 $13.90
Flum Wafer Disposable  Flum Wafer boasts a distinctive cylindrical form with an inbuilt battery, as well as a pleasant and tasty experience that lasts up to 1600 textured puffs for each device. Cool Mint, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango, Aloe Grape, Lush Ice, Mixed Berries, Red Bang, Gummy Drop, Summer Strawberry, and Straw melon are among the ten flavors available. It has a nicotine salt strength of 5%. It generates around 1600 puffs each piece and has a 5ml capacity of high-grade pure flavor nicotine salt juice.  This item covers all of your portable and practical demands for vaping, a device that may be better than Juul as the most popular form of disposable vapes in this market. With every puff of this gadget, you may appreciate it with a lot of affection. This is a flum wafer Disposable, which is an excellent substitute for smoking a genuine cigarette. And it's portable and easy to use because it's not just light but also built to be pocket-friendly for your day-to-day trips. Furthermore, the most outstanding aspect of it is the wide range of excellent taste options. As a consequence, this pod generates clean, powerful, and addictive vapor and tastes that will have you hooked from your first inhale. Major Specifications Of Flum Wafer Disposable 1600 Textured Puffs 5ml e-juice with 10 incredibly amazing flavors Safely installed integrated battery Pre-charged and Pre-filled Activated firing mechanism Light and portable Comfortable drip tip Anti-leakage chassis Here are the available Flavors of Flum Wafer Aloe Grape - This crazy combination of Aloe Vera and Grapes has shown to outperform many other tastes. Banana Ice - A blast of genuine banana taste with a mild mint cooling feeling. Cool Mint - Beat the stress heat with a powerful and authentic blast of chilly mint. Dragon Grape - Do you like grapes? While inhaling your cloud hits, enjoy the most authentic taste of strong-flavored grapes. Guava Ice - Embrace your airways with a generous helping of Guava taste combined with the calming impact of menthol. Lush Ice - Enjoy the vapor flavor of a lifetime with watermelons combined with chilling menthol. Peach Ice - Get your groove on with real peach juice that has a relaxing effect from mint. Pink Lemonade - A wonderful flavor of sweet and tart lemonade coats your taste senses. Sour Apple - Raw apple juice with a vivid vapor flavor. You'd desire it even more. Aloe Pineapple - A delectable delight for your taste buds with a distinct sweet experience of aloe and pineapple juices.

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