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Suicide Bunny is a premium e-juice label created in the United States. The maker of these exquisitely created e-liquids is committed to upping the standard and giving an e-juice experience that will appeal to both newbies and experienced vapers. Suicide Bunny's motivation for her juice craft came from two sources: she was an unhappy customer with a cabinet full of e-liquid that she couldn't vape, and she believed she could take ejuice creating to an artform. Suicide Bunny e-juices , based in Texas, employ only the best ingredients to create unique flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Designed primarily for vape enthusiasts, it provides the greatest of true vape juice flavors that give you the rapid satisfaction of throat hits, leaving you all awestruck in its succulence! Suicide Bunny e-juice varieties include Mother's Milk, which mixes creamy dessert tastes with notes of strawberry. Sucker Punch: If you like Mother's Milk e juice but want to try something different, try Sucker Punch: It's similar, however, the flavor is dragon fruit rather than strawberry. The O.B. is another popular flavor among vapers who like a smooth vape with a rich vanilla taste. Is citrus your thing? Then Madrina is the one for you: This juice is loaded with delicious taste, with honeydew melon dominating. Dessert enthusiasts might also try Queen Cake. It has the flavor of cake with a pineapple twist.

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