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Lost Vape

Lost Vape is like a leader in luxury affordability in the Vaping community. Lost Vape engineers build incredible pod system devices and vape mods that are the first of their kind. Hence the lost vape is a regulated all-in-one device that comes equipped with the DNA Go 40W Chipset, the first DNA pod system. They are constructed of stainless steel material, and hence you will find the quality surpasses other pod systems in its class. The Lost Vape comes packed with tons of features, such as the ability to reach up to 40W, variable wattage control with a choice of at least 3 outputs.

In the year 2014, the vape industry was still in its infancy, it was like an open market, and hence the opportunity for inviting an adventurous group of avid vapers as well as the entrepreneurs to develop game-changing devices with innovation and a unique vision. However, Rocky Guo was one of those innovators, and though, he established Lost Vape which comes out to be a new brand of unique, high-end devices, designed with functionality, beauty, and also ease of use in mind.

However, having the idea of creating high-end vape products, Lost Vape decided to utilize an existing device as its reference. Taking aim at the Axis box mod by Ante Meridiem, they experimented with the materials as well as designs to come up with something sufficiently different but equally as beautiful as the Axis.

In 2018, Lost Vape decided not to go with the flow, but to forge a new path in this ever-growing segment of pod devices. While others were trying to flood the market with their devices that in some ways have copied one another, they have designed something revolutionary. The Orion DNA Pod was this accomplishment. Therefore, the first DNA chipset pod system available, the Orion has created a lot of noise as well as assured everyone that the product is always on top when it comes to innovation, design, and mainly the quality.

Lost Vape, therefore, is a top brand that is mostly loved by the customer for the most famous DNA series of vape kits. When a company enters the industry, it always tries to make something unique for the customers who all are there. So, however, the company brings the DNA series and gets an instant hit among all the vape lovers. However, in the year 2019, Frank Guo wished to cover all levels of vapers and hence, then decided to create Lost Vape Quest. The mission is to create the highest quality high-tech, but easy to use vapes.

The hardware as well as the designs that the company uses are very innovative and done with modern technology as well. If you are thinking of buying the product to have a good collection of the vape instruments, then you can get it from here.

Hence as the leading advanced personal vaporizer manufacturer, Lost Vape & their quest will continue devoted to providing alternatives to tobacco smoking and promoting some healthier lifestyle via its state-of-art and easy-to-use advanced personal vaporizers in the future. The Lost Vape Orion Plus combines all the features of the popular Orion DNA Go with their new replaceable coil pod and hence, the upgraded Evolv DNA Go chipset, which offers more power as well as the customization options with the similar single-button adjustment function.

Premium Quality Lost Vape Brand

The Vape brand has certainly come a long way as it closely monitors changes in their trends, and when the development team released the original Lost Vape Orion Pod System, its success was only intensified. However, other than its products that are constructed of quality materials, is that with every product it releases, there’s something new as well as innovative to offer. In this case, there is no difference, even though the quality, appearance, and ease-of-use remain intact. Therefore, the new Lost Vape Orion Q Pod features many of its predecessor's fascinating traits, yet comes coupled with less complicated adjustments as well as at a significantly lower cost.

How long do Lost Vape pods last?

It lasts on an average of 14-15 days. To fill your Pod device, simply twist off the cap located on the top of each pod and hence, fill with your vape juice of choice. It is recommended to allow each new pod to sit for at least 15 minutes before use. Hence, each pod lasts for around 14 days or at least 2000 puffs with moderate usage.

Type of Lost Vape

Orion Pod devices are the parts of the Lost Vape category. There are many pod devices like Orion DNA Go Pods, Orion DNA Pod Replacement device, Orion Pus Pods and many more. However, the specifications of all of these vapes are almost similar. The updated 2ml of Orion Plus pods are designed with an easy-to-use top refill port and hence, top adjustable airflow for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping styles. The new replaceable coils are available in both 0.25ohm mesh as well as the 0.5ohm standard coil constructions, and either can be used with standard or with the nicotine salt e-liquids.

Features Included:

  • 950mAh capacity of the battery.
  • Proprietary Pod device with Replaceable Coils.
  • Upgraded Evolv DNA GO Chipset included.
  • Also includes the Evolv Escribe custom settings.
  • Upgradable Firmware.
  • Contains 5 Power Levels that are, from low (white) to maximum (violet), wattage setting based on the installed coil.
  • Replay Mode is also available. Just hold the adjustment button for 3 seconds until the indicator turns green to save your most recent puffs. However, each time you press the fire button, your puff will be replayed. Hence to disable, hold the adjustment button just for 3 seconds.
  • Power Boost available.
  • Temperature Limit Technology is introduced to prevent the dry hits.
  • Adjustable Top Airflow also included.
  • Made of the Stainless Steel material.
  • Contains the Micro USB Port etc.