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UWell is an Authentic Coil that is very well manufactured and built from the top quality products. It is basically a parent category of some other soils. UWell first hit the market with their classic Crown sub-tank and since then, the Crown line has continued to expand to include both the Crown 2 as well as the Crown 3 models with more advanced features ever. Founded in 2015, Uwell has quickly risen the ranks to be one of the most successful as well as the innovative vape brands on the market. It also created a variety of specialized coils to further master the sub-ohm game. Known for designing as well as manufacturing a range of good-quality vaping products and accessories, Uwell's mission is to consistently revolutionize the way people vape. We are a company that seeks to provide you with the best vaping experience possible, as well as to produce innovative products that are user-friendly and of premium quality. Uwell earned their success by creating products that were offered the reassurance of leak-proof construction with huge tank capacities so vapes on the go would never have to worry. The products include high-quality sub-ohm vape tanks as well as the vape coils that have become extremely popular within the vaping community.

One of the things that set UWell apart from other vape product manufacturers is their notable founding principles. It is though, a rare company that can say they have stayed true to the original mission of their founding members, but Uwell is one of the few that has.

However, Uwell operates much as it did from the beginning. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, providing full service to every customer to ensure that all of them are fully satisfied. Since it is a Parent category, there are certain products which fall under the category such as UWell Valyrian Replacement Coils.

Now that you know more about the premium quality and design of the Uwell brand, we invite you to check out our full selection of their products, including the newest addition to the already famous Crown Tank series, that is the UWELL Crown 4 Tank.

If you are looking for high-end tanks as well as the coils that will change the way you vape, look no further than UWell. Proudly available at VaporBoss. Uwell stands as one of the popular vaping brands to this day due to their flawless design as well as a tremendous amount of effort put into the research and development of their products. One of their many leading factors were lead by introducing the Uwell Crown, a sub-ohm tank that is widely recognized as one of the best product on the market. The first edition of Uwell product was a real game-changer followed by the Crown Mini, Crown II, Crown III, and the most recent Crown IV. The Crown’s design continued to improve and encompasses airflow, high performance, ability to produce a flavour-rich vapor as well as the compatibility with different types of mid-watt box mods.

How long do Uwell pods last?

The product has an amazing coil life and usually lasts around 2 weeks, depending on the e-juice. 

What do the UWell Valyrian tank pins do?

The unrestricted pin delivers a standard vaping experience, while the spiral pin, as well as the wave pin, alter the usual airflow. It's certainly worth testing out if you purchase the Valyrian Replacement Coil.