Puff Plus - Puff Bar Plus New Flavors - $11.88 Puff Plus Watermelon
Puff Plus - Puff Bar Plus New Flavors - $11.88 from $11.88 $25.00
The Puff Plus disposable vape is pre-filled with nicotine salt e-juice and has no controls or buttons. The Puff Plus's draw-activated battery has a 550mAh capacity. The Puff Plus comes in a variety of flavors and features an inbuilt tank that can hold up to 3.2ml of liquid. 50mg of nicotine is present in each pod. The heating source is a ceramic core, which produces flavors that are more distinct and delectable. Even though the Puff Plus coil resistance produces larger clouds than other disposable vape pens, mouth-to-lung vapers who prioritize flavor over cloud size may find it to their liking. Puff Bar Plus Specifications Device Color: Varies 3.2mL built-in Pod 5% nicotine by volume/unit 550 mAh battery 800 puffs/pod (approx.) Small and compact All-in-one disposable Puff Bar Plus Flavors The vape is available in many delicious flavors, these are: Lychee Ice  Peach Ice  Cool Mint  Strawberry Watermelon Watermelon Guava Ice  Mixed Berries Pina Colada Aloe Grape Tangerine Ice Banana Ice Fruit Fusion Cosmopolitan Orange Soda Apple Ice Mamba Mojito Pink Lemonade Blue Razz Lemonade Strawberry Banana Lime Agave Lush Ice Coco Melon
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unic-bar-disposable-vape unic-bar-blue-razz
UNIC bar vape | $5.99 | $5.99 $10.00
UNIC bar  vape with 5% salt nicotine! Amazing variety of flavors for a reasonable price!  Flavors: •Blue Razz •Grape Ice •Guava Ice •Orange Soda •Might Mint •Strawberry Watermelon Are You a Retail store? UNIC bar vape wholesale available :) Buy in Wholesale  

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