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Maskking High Pro Disposable | $6.49 | Maskking 2500 Puffs from $6.49
Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape It is not hidden that over the past few years, people have now adopted vaping as their safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. The craze for vapes is not restricted to one only country but to countries across the globe. Being equally handy, comparatively less harmful, battery-powered, and e-liquid flavors are some factors that make disposable vapes a great product to use for getting the perfect high. Having said that, here we are going to talk about a vaping disposable that was recently launched in the market and has already paved its way to people’s hearts. Here, we are talking about the Maskking High Pro. An amazing vape to satisfy both your mind and soul. Walk with us through other sections as we shall be discussing some more inside details about the Maskking Disposable Vape. Let us begin! A Brief Introduction About The Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape! As we have already stated, it is a great vape that is ready to ruin your taste buds. The vape has a sizable 8.5ml juice capacity, a 1500mAh battery, 1.2-ohm resistance, and a maximum puff count of 2500, which is roughly equivalent to many cigarette buds. The Maskking Disposable Vape has completely taken over the Asian and European markets. You should try it once given that it is available at 2% and 5% nicotine doses. What Are The Unprecedented Features Of The Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape? There are some astonishing features and specifications of the vape which are the sole proprietors of its eminence and rising popularity even now. Check them out: Its dimensions are as such 22.6x115.9mm in size. The Size: 8.5 ml. 1.5 volts, 1500 mAh integrated battery. 1.2 ohms of resistance. Power: 4.2V. 70 gms weight. 2500 puffs or so nicotine puffs strength(equivalent to many traditional cigarette buds). 20 mg/50 mg/5% Nicotine, respectively. What Are The Savory E-Liquid Flavors Available In The Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape? There are a plenty of mouth-watering e-liquid flavors present in the Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape, these are: Straw Lychee Watermelon- On your plate is a delicious taste. Apple Cantaloupe- With this flavor, you can taste how fresh apples are. Fantasy Cherry- This flavor will make your vaping desires come true. Pineapple Grapefruit- One of the best flavors you will ever come across. Raspberry Coke- Feel the enriched taste of raspberry with coke. Peach Grape- And the name itself sounds so tasty and incredible. Mango Pineapple- Wow! The combination looks so yummy. Kiwi Watermelon- Feel the little sour taste of kiwi with the refreshing taste of watermelon. Cigar Cream Tobacco- It will give you the perfect high that you always wanted. Black Currant- Get ready to feel a current that you never experienced before. Melon Coconut- A tender taste of coconut with the sweetness of the melon. Energy Juice- Feel revitalized with the splashing taste of it. Strawberry Lychee- Experience the unimaginable sweet taste with these mouth-watery fruits. Ice Tangerine- Gift yourself the chilling & icy beat with tangerine mixed with it. Guava Kiwi Strawberry- All these juice-filled fruits will fill your mouth with immeasurable happiness. Conclusion! To conclude, it won’t be wrong to say that Maskking High Pro Disposable Vape is the best of all times and there is no way that it will disappoint you. Go get the pack for yourself. Once you will try it, you will end up recommending this to your near & dear ones, friends, family, and other people who are looking for the same vaping experience as well. All the best!

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