Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy | Mega HD Screen | 20000 Puffs

$13.99 $23.99 -42% OFF

Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy | Mega HD Screen | 20000 Puffs

$13.99 $23.99 -42% OFF
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Product description

Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy: Take the Refreshing Energy

The Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy disposable vape has a delightfully sweet and tart flavor, with a blue raspberry candy flavor complemented by a revitalizing icy finish. This vape provides a memorable vaping experience in only 300 puffs. It is ideal for anybody who is looking for a vaping experience that is both fun and familiar.

Excellence in a Pocket-Sized Package with a Sprinkling of Flair

Not only does the Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy have a delectable flavor, but it also provides convenience without sacrificing its fashionable appearance. This disposable device is designed to be easy to use, has elegant lines, and is tiny, making it very useful for vaping on the move. With this device, you will never have to compromise style!


  • Prefilled e-liquid capacity (often not refillable).

  • Fixed nicotine levels (often about 5%)

  • Draw-activated firing mechanism.

  • Limited amount of puffs (often approximately 2,000).


Does That Provide Sufficient Fun for the Summer?

There is still a great deal of pleasure to be had from 3000 puffs, despite the fact that it may not last quite as long as its Flum Mello cousins.

A disposable or a rechargeable device?

The Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy disposable vape comes with a delicious blue raspberry e-liquid already prefilled and ready to be used right out of the box. When the fun with the blue raspberry has been exhausted, you should dispose of it appropriately.

Do you have any questions about the discreteness of this vape? 

Indeed. Because it generates a modest amount of vapour, the Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy is appropriate for discreet vaping.

Is Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy disposable vape safe?

Flum Mello Blue Razz Icy vapes' safety remains uncertain. Vaping can contain harmful chemicals as well as nicotine (an addictive substance), with limited research on long-term effects; consider healthier alternatives instead.

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