Smok Tfv9 Replacement Coils | $12.99

$12.99 $25.00 -49% OFF

Smok Tfv9 Replacement Coils | $12.99

$12.99 $25.00 -49% OFF
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Product description

Smok TFV9 Coils are the unrivalled performance cores introduced with the astonishing TFV9 tank. The coils come in a pack of 5 and hence are made to suit your vaping needs. We are also having the Smok Tfv9 Glass Replacement. TFV9 coil is of 0.15ohm. It is though, a specially designed set of coils for the TFV9 Sub-ohm tank as they are designed for the sub-ohm vaping for the cloud chasers. These coils are crafted with dense flavours as well as the massive cloud production as well. However, the Smok TFV9 Replacement Coils are made of a material known as nichrome that features a large heating contact surface area with the e-juice that will heat the juice faster than any other and it will also produce a huge cloud and excellent flavour under the less heat time. The lifespan is long and there is no need to replace the coils in a frequent manner. The Smok TFV9 Coils are made with the gold plated pins to increase the rub resistance and the Smok is made with nichrome material that features a large heating contact surface area. The TFV9 coils are the upgraded version of the TFV8 coils and are having a longer lifespan as compared to the previous one. These are highly optimized for the mid-wattage and the high-wattage configurations offering a spectrum of the mesh designs as well as the altitude of holes to accommodate a range of variety of the experiences.

Smok TFV9 Replacement Coils Features:

  • It is made of the material known as Nichrome.
  • It also consists of the gold plated pins.
  • Coils are having a resistance of 0.15ohms.
  • Comes with a pack of 5.
  • These coils are for strong power and huge Vapor production.
  • Lifespan is longer than TFV8 coils.
  • Have a large heating contact surface area.

Smok TFV9 Q&A:

·       How long do the Coils last?

Around 1-2 weeks depending on an individual's usage. Whereas, on an average, a decently constructed coil for a sub-ohm tank should last 5-7 days. If you vape less because you cannot vape during work hours, or you do not vape throughout the day, then your coils are likely to last twice as long depending on the usage.

·       How is the flavor on the Coils?

The opinion would say the flavor on the scale 1-10 would be around 6.

·       What Coil do I get for my Vape?

Most atomizer coils are made from Nichrome or of the Kanthal. But there are different wire types that some vapers use such as Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel are also available, but they are less popular.

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