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Puff Xtra Super | 2500 Puffs | $15.87 Puff Xtra Super | 2500 Puffs | $15.87
Puff Xtra Super | 2500 Puffs | $15.87 $15.87 $30.00
Puff Xtra Super  Puff Xtra Super Disposable Vape 2500 Puffs is another amazing disposable vape that has 2500 puffs with great unique flavours. One of the best brands in the industry, that'll make your tongue skydive out of your mouth. The Puff Xtra Super Disposable Vaporizer comes with complete charging take it and start using it. Puff Xtra Super Description: Looking for a reliable pod device loaded with tempting fruit flavours? The Puff XTRA Super disposable vape comes in 8 exciting flavours such as Strawberry Passion Fruit, Candy, Lush Ice, Mango Pineapple, Melon Bubblegum, Fresh Mint, Banana Ice Cream, and Strawberry Milk. Registered and Approved by FDA, this disposable vape has probably everything you are looking for. Featuring vape juice of 5.6ml and synthetic nicotine of 5%, this pod device is capable of offering you 2500 puffs with each puff giving you a cool and reviving feel.  Engineered to give you the ultimate comfort. Its glossy look and lightweight design make it super comfortable and portable to carry along wherever you go. From taste-catching flavours to eye-catching colors, portability to durability, and adjustable airflow to a long-lasting battery this pod device is a complete steal at such an affordable price of $10.15. Puff Xtra Super Disposable Vape Specifications Comes with multiple natural flavors Comes with up to 2500 Puffs Fine and adjustable airflow 5% Synthetic nicotine About 5.6ml E-liquid Flavors of Puff Xtra Super Puff Xtra Super Strawberry Passionfruit 2500 Puffs Puff Xtra Super Candy 2500 Puffs  Puff Xtra Super Lush Ice 2500 Puffs Puff Xtra Super Mango Pineapple 500 Puffs Puff Xtra Super Melon Bubblegum 2500 Puffs Puff Xtra Super Fresh Mint 2500 Puffs Puff Xtra Super Banana Ice Cream 2500 Puffs Puff Xtra Super Strawberry Milk 2500 Puffs Are You a Retail store? Puff Xtra Super Wholesale Available Click below https://ravenroute.com/pages/wholesale

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