WARNING: This Product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Puff Bar - 1000 Puffs - Puff Bar Flavors | $15.88



Puff Bar - 1000 Puffs - Puff Bar Flavors | $15.88



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Product description

Puff Bar

Presenting Puff bar the all-new disposable vape the Puff Bar new vape devices in the market. Puff bar is a disposable device. Puff Bar is a device with no worries of refiling and batteries. It is for one-time use as it raises its own bar. It is very compact, portable, and lightweight. The bar comes with 1.3 ml of juice which can last long for whole day usage. It is a pre-filled nicotine salt disposable vape with 50mg nicotine salt strength and a small discreet profile that fits within the palm of the hand.

Featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism, it is a perfect device for those who are always on the go and do not like carrying a lot of stuff for their vaping devices. This device can simply be used and thrown away. A tip of caution though, this device integrates a battery-powered mechanism, so it can not be just thrown away in a bin.

Puff bar Disposable Vape needs to be properly disposed of. Another reason for its success is its convenience and smaller size and minimal number of operations. The lack of buttons and its portability makes vaping much more fun. When using such electronic cigarettes, there is no need for refueling, the devices are pre-filled, all you need to do is pick your favorite flavor. Hence, there is no need to carry a bottle of liquid. However, you can leave a USB cord at home because it does not need to be charged. Though, you do not have to change the coils as there is a built-in evaporator.

Puff bar Disposable vape 

Puff Bar Disposable Vape is a compact, lightweight, and portable pod system that comes with 1.3 ml of e-liquid with each pod. The disposable pod device requires no maintenance, charging, or refilling and has a built-in 280mAh battery. Each Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device has 50mg nic salt and offers about 200+ puffs per pod.


  • 1 x Puff Disposable Pod Device

Puff Bar Features-

  • Disposable device no maintenance, battery, charging, and refilling.
  • It contains 1.3ml of e-liquid capacity.
  • 5% of nic.
  • Up to 1000 puffs usage.
  • 280 mah battery capacity of each bar.
  • Activated Firing Mechanism.
  • Guarded against short circuits and overheating.
  • Easy to carry small in size.
  • Plastic made.
  • Various color options.
  • No need to refill it is already filled.
  • Non-rechargeable.
  • Non-refillable.

Puff bar flavors

Puff Plus: Strawberry Watermelon (Coming Soon )

Puff Glow: Gummy Bear (Coming Soon )

Puff Glow: Mint N Chip  (Coming Soon )

Puff Glow: Strawberry Donut  (In Stock )

Puff Bar Glow

Puff Bar Plus 

Mango: Feel the warmth of the Caribbean islands and bite into sweet and juicy mangoes with the Mango flavor of Puff Bar. This flavor is rich and bursting with flavor that will rock your world.

Cool Mint: This flavor is the best thing you can give yourself this summer. Freeze your taste buds with billowing clouds and lose yourself in the minty Menthol with each puff of Puff Bar.

Cucumber: Refresh yourself with the new and unique Cucumber flavor. This flavor will keep your taste buds feeling fresh, happy, and satisfied while delivering notes of freshly sliced cucumber.

Lychee ICE: Get ready to take your taste buds on an exciting fruity journey with the Puff bars Lychee Flavor. Every inhales and exhales will give you a strong fruity taste with notes of smoothness.

Strawberry: The famous Strawberry will give you a blast of freshly picked strawberries and will entice your taste buds. With each drag, you will feel an explosion of flavor that will delight even your soul.

Watermelon: With the watermelon flavor of the Puff Bars you will be splashed with freshness and revitalizing sensation. The flavor will make you feel as if you were biting into a freshly sliced watermelon.

Blueberry: This flavor is a surprising fruity attack on taste buds and you will never be able to anticipate what’s coming.

O.M.G: OMG by Puff Bars is a perfect flavor when you want to enjoy some peace and tranquillity. The flavor is so delicious that it will have your taste buds craving for more and more.

Lush Ice: Indulge yourself in the amazing flavor, the Lush Ice. Unique favor that gives pleasure and satisfaction on each inhale and gives a cool icy menthol effect on each exhale.

Pink Lemonade: Get yourself the Pink Lemonade. This flavor gives humble notes of home-made lemonade with a touch of berries to excite your taste buds.

Pineapple Lemonade: A perfect blend of your favorite tropical fruit, the Pineapple and the citric master, Lemon. This sweet and tarty concoction will make your taste dance will joy.

Grape: Each puff is just as refreshing as the next, especially during the summertime.

Blue Raz: One of the most demanding flavor.

Pomegranate: Perfect blend of the pomegranate fruit.

Tobacco: One of the best flavors of pod vape.

Peach: Each puff is refreshing with the fruit flavors which makes your taste enjoyable and fun.

Caffe latteThis flavor gives humble notes of Caffe.

Peach ice, Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice.

Coming soon flavors...

Tangerine Ice
Melon Ice
Strawberry Banana

We are not a manufacturer of puff bar Disposable Vape.


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