WARNING: This Product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dragon Back Resin Drip Tips 510 Yellow Brown Purple | $7.99


Dragon Back Resin Drip Tips 510 Yellow Brown Purple | $7.99

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Product description

Make a bold statement with your vaping setup using the Dragon Back Resin Drip Tips 510 in Yellow, Brown, and Purple. These captivating drip tips offer a unique and sophisticated touch to personalize your device. With their vibrant colors and ergonomic design, they are sure to enhance your vaping experience's aesthetics and functionality.


  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to fit most standard 510 atomizers, these drip tips offer broad compatibility, allowing you to customize various vape tanks effortlessly.
  • Durable and Vibrant: Crafted from high-quality resin material, these drip tips provide long-lasting durability while retaining their vibrant colors.
  • Yellow: The yellow variation brings a bright and cheerful energy to your setup, adding a pop of vibrancy and positivity to your vaping experience.
  • Brown: The brown option creates a warm and earthy ambiance, evoking a cozy and inviting atmosphere for a comforting vaping session.
  • Purple: The purple color exudes a sense of regality and elegance, elevating your device with sophistication and luxury.
  • Comfortable and Secure: The smooth resin material feels gentle against your lips, ensuring a pleasurable vaping experience. 

Embrace style and comfort with the Dragon Back Resin Drip Tips 510 in Yellow Brown Purple. Whether you prefer a vibrant and cheerful vibe, a warm and cozy ambiance, or a touch of regality, these drip tips have you covered. Their versatility, durability, and ergonomic design make them an excellent choice for vapers seeking functionality and aesthetics. Upgrade your vaping setup today and let the Dragon Back Resin Drip Tips 510 take your vaping experience to the next level.

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