An Honest Review Of Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape!

Discover the truth about the Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape! Get an unbiased and honest review of this popular vape product in our comprehensive guide.
An Honest Review Of Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape!

The package and gadget designs for Lost Mary, one of Elf Bars' newest product lines, have a space theme.

The Lost Mary OS5000 boasts performance and style as well as a new mesh coil component for strong flavor. With the aid of a rechargeable battery and battery indicator, you can keep track of how much power is left in the battery before it needs to be recharged. Whatever method you choose, the 13ml of e-liquid offers a broad puff range.

The Lost Mary OS5000 is the same great item that is available in a larger model. Although it has a smaller battery and more vape juice, it is quite identical to its Lost Mary brother.

The Specifications:

# The OS5000 and the OS5000 come in two different sizes. The Elf Bar BC5000's tiny design is similar in size to the Elf BarMO5000, so if you like it, you'll also like that. We discover that the Lost Mary OS5000 has a larger height and offers a device that is easier to hold in your palm.

It depends on your preferences, however, the OS5000 might be a better option if you want something that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

# Regarding e-liquid capacity, there isn't much of a difference between the two. Actually, the difference is hardly noticeable with only 0.5 ml. If you don't vape frequently, you might not notice much of a difference in the flavor of the vape juice since both deliver the same number of puffs.

Elf Bars should not be replenished because they are intended to be enjoyed up until the juice is completed. Simply discard the device and purchase a new one as soon as the e-juice runs out.

# The Elf Bars offer delightful 5% salt nicotine, or 50mg/ml, in their disposable vape kits. Given that it is more expensive than other disposables, this is a fantastic deal for habitual vape smokers.

The Lost Mary range is the same; both include the 5% salt nicotine, which provides a smooth hit and powerful flavor with each puff.

# The Lost Mary OS5000 and MO5000 have somewhat different battery capacities, with the former having 650mAh and the latter only 500mAh. The fact that they are both rechargeable distinguishes them since they are both disposable.

You could find that the OS5000 gives better flavor performance than the MO5000, despite the tiny mAh difference. 

# One of the major advantages of the Elf Bars' devices is the broad range they offer. Each device in the Lost Mary line from Elf Bar produces an incredible 5,000 puffs, give or take.

They are great starter disposable vaporizers if you're just getting started. Check out our guide on using disposable vape pens. for those who are just beginning to vape.

# Due to the sturdy materials used in their construction, both Lost Mary disposable vapes won't readily leak or break. Because they are draw-activated, they are less likely to leak and won't set off in your bag or back pocket.

The devices have a slight weight increase thanks to the high-quality, food-grade PTCG plastic, which gives them a more luxurious feel.

# The design of an Elf Bar vape varies depending on the type of device you use. The Lost Mary collection sticks to the Elf Bar brand even if it has a futuristic space theme.

It's critical to understand how to spot an Elf Bar, particularly in light of the market's thriving fake vape industry.

# The ports on all of these devices are Type C ports. The majority of people nowadays have some familiarity with type C cables. Any charger that fits a type C chord can be used by Elf Bar.

We urge you to understand how to charge an Elf Bar Lost Mary OS5000 because rechargeable disposable vaporizers are not widespread.

The Size, Look, And Touch Of Lost Mary OS5000 Vape!

Lost With its selection of aesthetically stunning and ergonomically designed devices, Mary Vapes is a company that provides a thrilling vaping experience. The vapes stand out from the competition thanks to their unique design, which was inspired by the concept of space. Users may enjoy vaping on the go with their stylish and portable design, which guarantees a comfortable grip.

The devices' smooth edges and velvety texture are purposefully intended to offer a pleasurable physical experience. Users may anticipate a wonderful marriage of beauty, portability, and a satisfying touch with either the Lost Mary OS5000 or MO5000, which boosts their general vaping satisfaction. 

How Does It Hit?

The Lost Mary OS5000 model vape uses synthetic nicotine rather than nicotine that has been extracted from tobacco, in contrast to the Elf Bar and other disposables. Although the OS5000 may not provide a horrible vaping experience, it may not be as fulfilling as some of its competitors, like the Lost Mary MO5000. That makes up for that, though, with a draw activation that happens incredibly quickly and a mesh coil that runs quietly while producing a tonne of vapor.

The OS5000 has a little weakness in terms of battery life. Its capacity of 500 mAh is 150 mAh less than comparable rivals. You might observe a predictable decrease in the strength and general caliber of the vape as the battery drains. The flavor noticeably improves and the entire smoking experience is improved when the battery is completely charged. Despite its shortcomings, the Lost Mary OS5000 delivers a pleasurable vaping experience, especially for those who want a light throat hit and lots of vapor.

The Unboxing Of Lost Mary OS5000!

Your Lost Mary vape is quick and simple to set up. To begin, open the container to see the eagerly anticipated object inside. Take a minute to admire the design's taste and attention to detail. Carefully remove the clear plastic sticker that was put on the base of the charge port to get your vape ready for the best vaping experience. When the sticker is removed, the charging port is visible and ready to charge your vaporizer. This marking ensures that the item will be safe during transportation.

As you reach for the rubber mouthpiece plug, your anticipation grows. It readily splits with a light tug, exposing the path to fragrant vapor clouds. This is important: even though pre-charging the device is not required, it is strongly advised that you connect your Lost Mary vape to a charging port to make sure it has any additional power it may need. By taking proactive measures, you may explore a world of seductive flavors and delicious draws while keeping your vape fully charged and prepared to give you continuous enjoyment. So, while you wait to start your vaping adventure with Lost Mary, take some time to connect your device.


The Lost Mary OS5000 is a great vape, so if you are thinking to buy it, go to any disposable vape or rather buy it from


Is Lost Mary the same person as Elf Bar?

Elf Bar did in fact create the Lost Mary queue. It's crucial to take into account a few of the differences between the Elf Bar BC5000 and Lost Mary OS5000, though. If you're interested in the Lost Mary range of items, you should find out more about Elf Bars.

How many cigarettes are in a Lost Mary?

Up to 5,000 puffs can be produced by each Lost Mary OS5000 gadget. 400 smokes would about be the equivalent.

What components go into making Lost Mary?

The major ingredients of the Lost Mary OS5000 are nicotine, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors, and vegetable glycerine.

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