Pod King - Everything You Need To Know Before Buying It

Pod King - Everything You Need To Know Before Buying It

pod king

If you are new to the market of vaping, the variety might amuse you a lot. There are plenty of options and choices for interns of devices and liquids. This will create a hassle for you to choose what's right? But for a beginner Pod King Elf Bar might help out. This vape device has everything that can help a beginner get friendly with vapes. Confused to give it a try? Well, now I'm worried. In this article you will find every detail about Pod King to help you make a decision.


An overview on Pod King


If you are searching for a vape that is reliable, easy to use, travel friendly and can provide discreet experience Pod King is the best option. It comes with a prefilled capacity of 135 ml and can provide upto 5000 puffs. Along with this you can enjoy fantastic flavours and long lasting experiences. One can easily operate this vape as it has an activating firing system. It has a sleek design which makes it easier to hold it in hand. Also its 6500mAh battery eliminates the worry of charging. Hence Pod King is a cost-effective yet practical option for vaping.


Thanks to its adjustable airflow one can continuously blow clouds. Enjoy your own customised drawing experience by adjusting it as tight as you want. As mentioned it can provide 5000 puffs in a single device, it's pretty long lasting than others. Pod King is one of the best options for people that look to seek maximum from their vaping experience. This device can provide flavourful, great clouds of vapours that certainly last for a longer time. One of the best factors about it is customisation that can add on to your experience. Its awesomeness is something out of the world.


What flavours does one get to enjoy?


Here is a list of flavours that are available with Pod King:


  • Apple Cider: This flavour will surely provide you with a refreshing experience due to a bit of sweetness that carries well with its tartness. If you love fruity taste or want a party after dinner, this flavour could be an apt one. Apple cider vape will help you get the taste of apples without adding any calories to your diet. Additionally it's nicotine free so you don't inhale anything toxic.
  • Cranberry Soda: One can use this flavour in a variety of devices like sub-ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers, and pod systems. Amazingly you can relish smooth and intense taste at same time with this flavour. Get your daily dose of amazing delicious vape with Cranberry Soda. Cranberry Soda of Pod King mixes tanginess of cranberry along with creaminess of soda.
  • Frozen Apple Peach: This flavour has a satisfying experience to offer especially for people looking to get fruity and sweet taste. Amazing combinations of peaches and apples create the right balance of Savory, tart and sweet flavour. The ingredients that the makers of Pod King use provide extreme smoothness and flavour that can make you crave more for it. You can get yourself smoothies or ice cream along with it for a better experience.
  • Mixed berries: Can you ever imagine how it could feel like mixing red and blueberries together. It could provide a perfect blend of tart and sweetness. One can experience a unique vaping sensation due its soothing after taste along with fruity flavours. This mixed berry vape flavour will help your tastebuds satisfy. Indulge yourself as much as possible in Mixed berries flavour.
  • Orange Bubble: This is one of the best flavours by Pod King. It has a great fruit combination of oranges and bubbles. It possesses a tangy and sweet taste along with a smooth exhale. Also it leaves an aftertaste which is like bubblegum. This aftertaste lasts for a longer time. For people that want to indulge in a unique and enjoyable experience, this flavour can be the best option.
  • Red Apple: This flavour of Pod King has a great combination of sweet and tart apples that blend to form this vape. For a person that wants smooth and creamy flavour without extra sugar then it is an apt choice. It can help people to have satisfying experiences that last long. It doesn't matter if you are experienced or beginners, this flavour is suitable for everyone.


Why is Pod King a preferable option?

 One of the most favoured advantages of using Pod King is that you don't have to think about constantly changing batteries. It can last for a longer time than expected. Also it comes with a USB cable charging that can be plugged in to charge. Hence one can use it anywhere at home, work or any possible place. No worries about finding a place to charge the battery. The next benefit of Pod King is it has two coils. Standard coils present in it can help you vape with nicotine e-salt liquids. While a sub-ohm coil can help vape regular liquids. Just use one device for both vaping options. Also using it is pretty simple. Just remove the pod from the package and turn it on. Later take a light puff that activates the coil and relish vaping.




Pod King seems to be a worth investment for one that wants easy to use and satisfying vaping experience. It has an interface that is user-friendly that carries well with sleek design. Also it would function well for a person that is trying vape for the first time. So has it fascinated to buy Pod King? Get it now.

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