Top 5 Replacement Coils 2023 - Best Replacement Coils 2023

Top 5 Replacement Coils 2023 - Best Replacement Coils 2023

The most important organ in the human body is probably the heart. Without the heart pumping blood, life stops. This makes the heart essential to human living and experience. The heart is to the human what the coil is to the vaping device. it is the organ in your mod designed to heat up the e-liquid in the tank and vaporize it. This means that how the flavor tastes and how much cloud your mod or e-cig kit produces are directly connected with the performance of your coil.

In this article, we are going to explore the top 5 replacement coils that you want to have in 2023, especially if you are looking to drive your vaping experience up a notch. The replacement coils are not listed in any particular order, so are the top 5 replacement coils you want to have in your e-cig kit in 2023

1.Lost Vape UB Pro Replacement Coils

The Lost Vape UB Pro Replacement Coil is designed with a mesh coil that delivers rich flavor extractions and huge cloud production to match. The Lost Vape UB Pro Replacement Coil has a press-fit coil installation feature which makes it very easy to insert into the Ursa Quest pod. This action alone makes the entire process of changing your coil very swift and hassle-free so you can get back to vaping.

Additionally, the UB Pro P3 0.3 ohms coil has a stainless steel wire that makes it compatible with temperature control vaping and since it has sub-ohm features, these coils are ideal for e-juices with high VG.

 Lost Vape UB Pro Replacement Coil Features

  • Two variations – UB Pro P1 0.15-ohm coil and UB Pro P3 0.3 ohm coil

  • Kitted for the Lost Vape Ursa Quest coils

  • Comes with a mesh design that delivers rich flavor and matches it with humongous cloud production

  • Hassle-free and swift installation because of the press fit installation feature

  • Ideal for high VG liquids

2. Freemax Fireluke 3 Replacement Coils

The FreeMax Fireluke 3 Replacement coils are kitted for the pods in the Fireluke series, that is, the Fireluke 3, Fireluke 2, and the Fireluke M. like all Fireluke pods, these replacement coils are designed to offer longer life span and increased vaporization.

The FreeMax Fireluke 3 Replacement coils are innovatively designed, featuring a combination of mesh materials and tea fiber cotton which comes together to offer vapers large cloud production and improved flavor.

Additionally, the Freemax Fireluke 3 replacement coils offer 5 ranges of coil resistance;

  • X1 0.15ohm mesh which is ideal for kits with a wattage of 40-80W, although the sweet spot is 70W

  • X2 0.2ohm mesh which is best vaped at 70W

  • X3 0.15ohm mesh best vaped at 80W

  • X4 0.15ohm mesh ideally vaped at 70W

  • X2 0.15ohm mesh ideally vaped at 45W

3. Freemax Mesh Pro Coils

The Freemax Mesh Pro Replacement Coil is an innovative vape coil designed to speed up the vaporization process so that the e-liquid makes contact with the surface of the mesh coil much faster. The Freemax Mesh is designed for use with the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank which is constructed with 20% normal cotton and 80% flax cotton. With the Freemax Mesh Pro coil, you have a longer lifespan than the average sub-ohm vape coils

Freemax Mesh Pro Replacement Coil Feature Summary

  • Sub-ohm vaping

  • Multiple coils build

  • 80% flax cotton and 20% normal cotton

  • Modified e-liquid feeding holes

  • Ideal for e-liquids with high VG

  • 3 variations of coils – 0.12ohm, 0.15 ohms and 0.2 ohm

4. Horizon Sakerz Tank Replacement Coils

Horizon Sakerz Tank Tech took vaping to a whole new level with the Horizon Sakerz coil. This coil is a stealthy sub-ohm monster because it has a unique airflow passage and a top-based airflow design that eliminates the whistling sound you get from other large sub-ohm intakes. With this coil, nobody hears you coming.

One reason people love the Horizon Sakerz coils is their durability. With a simple pull/push installation mechanism, these coils possess an internal mesh design which ensures you don’t get burnouts or dry spots.

Additionally, because of the top-based airflow design, you get holistic coverage. Furthermore, there is no juice buildup because of the airflow design which means issues that cause coil degradation are eliminated.

With the Horizon Sakerz Tank Replacement coils, you are guaranteed a long-lasting vape coil to satisfy your e-flavored cravings. You also get a wide ohmage range to decide how beastly or intense you want your clouds to be. Additionally, this coil is ideal for Direct-to-Lungs (DTL) vaping.

Horizon Sakerz Tank Replace Coil Specifications

  • Compatible with the Horizon Sakerz tank

  • Three coils in one pack

  • Mesh coil design

  • You have the option of choosing between 0.4ohms, 0.16ohms or 0.17ohms (2 in 1)

5. Suorin Air Mod Replacement Coils

The Air Mod has an adjustable airflow feature. this makes this device one of Suorin’s best creations. Because this feature alone is what separates Air Mod from other vape devices available on the market. As a result of this feature, you can become a fire-breathing dragon – exhaling beastly clouds from your body and filling up your lungs with renewed vigor and sweet flavors.

The Suorin Air Mod Replacements Coils deliver awesome performance and flavor intensity from both coils. The 0.6ohm works best at a higher wattage to deliver a warm, flavored vape. But as you can imagine, a device with lower resistance means more power and more charge. This means that the 0.6ohms will drain your battery faster, and you will need to recharge your battery multiple times to make it last you for the entire day.

On the other hand, the 0.8ohms coil can deliver premium mouth-to-lung vaping, working well within a wattage of 15-18W to deliver very smooth draws and a nice, ringing flavor. With the 0.8ohm coils, the battery will easily see you through a day before you think of charging.


One thing that these top 5 replacement coils have in common is that they are ideal for sub-ohm vaping, meaning that you are in for a great time of beastly cloud production and intensified flavoring. To get your hands on either of these replacement coils, you can check out the leading retailer of vaping products and accessories here.

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