Esco Bars Mega: The Vaping Escapade You Won’t Regret

Esco Bars Mega: The Vaping Escapade You Won’t Regret


Esco Bars Mega Disposable Vape is a way of making vaping smart, easy, and yet fruitful. It gives 5000 clean hits that come fluently from the gadget to the mouth. Built on the activated firing mechanism, it uses promising ergonomics to please its consumers. Even though it gives a promising number of throat hits, the sleekness and portability are uncompromising. 

The 600mAh battery of this vape system comes pre-charged but has the feature of recharging it quickly during the time you take a break from vaping. For this, a USB port is designed at the bottom of this e-cig which can be used for easy recharging using any Type-C cable. 

This disposable vape device is perfect for both the person on the go and the person who's too busy to deal with refilling tanks, coils, or batteries. With its disposable design, there's nothing that needs to be cleaned or maintained to keep the device in working order. Check out its notable leads…

Main Features of Esco Bars Mega

  • 5000 Cloud Hits
  • 14 ml e-juice in 6 refreshing flavors
  • 600mAh pre-charged battery (Rechargeable)
  • 5% nicotine concentration (In salt)
  • Sleek, Simple, and Stylish design
  • Travel-friendly and Handy
  • Guarantee against short-circuiting
  • No put-off by overheating
  • No mess and fuss maintenance

The Six Delicious Taste Fix of Esco Bars Mega

As vape juice serves an important aspect of satisfying vaping, Esco Bars ensure that it brings the best to its users. The 14ml of e-liquid held by every unit is prepared by mixing inch-perfect ratios of flavoring compounds, Vegetable Glycerine and Propyl Glycol. Additionally, 5% of nicotine in the salt form is blended to make the throat hits exemplary. Here are all its flavors-

  • Blood Orange Tangerine: This is a ravishing taste that brings together a delicious combination of orange and tangerine. It leaves you with a truly relaxing blend that you'll be able to vape on all day long. Relish the Summertime!
  • Blueberry Raspberry Ice: Giving you a magical taste from beginning to end, this is surely one that will satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy a combination of blueberries, raspberries, and menthol, leaving you thoroughly pleased with loads of flavor.
  • Kiwi Guava: Paired with the best, Kiwis and Guavas in combination tastes awesome in the form of vapors. Coating your taste buds with tons of delicious flavor, there isn't anything more soothing than this duo blend.
  • Peach Pineapple: Boasting tons of great flavor, this is one solid vape that you'll want to explore over and over. It is a tasty mixture of peaches and pineapple juice, giving you the succulent medley of dual flavors for a super complex taste. It's an all-day vape you can't get enough of.
  • Root Beer Float: The explicit vape juice for all the root beer float fans. This flavor is awesomely exciting so much so that it leaves your mouth watering, pulling you back for more and more. It is a perfect vaping thrill for your palates, leaving you energized all day long.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Vaping could not have tasted better than this outstanding combination of fruit concoction. When strawberry and watermelon are suffused into nic hits, you will be thoroughly pleased by your vaping. It's a perfectly crafted blend that we just know you'll love.

This device might be the answer to all of your smoking problems. Made with the purpose of delivering 100% flavor satisfaction and intense clouds and a more convenient way to intake, this new product on the market will surely change how users consume vaping. Furthermore, 

its 100% eco-friendly materials are guaranteed safe to use. This vaporizer also uses proprietary technology that provides more airflow compared to other brands  and helps deliver bigger flavor and more clouds than other devices. This new technology also makes it easier to use especially for starter vapers who are still learning the ropes on how vaping is done. So when are you ordering one for yourself? Order now with the best of your Esco bars Mega e-juice flavor and share the review with us!

Warning: Nicotine is addictive and must be vaped within limits. Minors and Pregnant Women must strictly not use Esco Bars Mega. It destroys brain development.


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