Puff Bar: Vaping That Lingers With Freshness

Puff Bar: Vaping That Lingers With Freshness


Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device help you set your basic vaping standards high! It is one of the most compact disposable vapes that brings the most exclusive range of tastes regarding e-liquids. Known for starting the brand new era of vaping on ready-made clouds, it still doesn’t fail to impress its users. There is no way that you won’t catch its obsession. It perfectly fits into the palm or pocket, giving you perfect ‘on-the-go’ vibes.

This vapor machine works with a 250mAh battery and can release around 400 Puffs in a row. The nicotine suffused is in the form of salt and is present at 5% of the concentration of 1.4ml of vape juice that every puff bar holds. Performance-wise, it is fully equipped with everything that leads to sumptuous cloud hits and there are no airflow blocks nor any mess and fuss of leakages.

Additionally, it comes pre-charged and pre-filled so no arrangements need to be done from the beginning till the end of your vape time with this unit. Make sure that you use them only within 2 years from the date of manufacturing otherwise, it could be risky. Also, do not expose/store it directly for a prolonged period in sunlight and always shake it well before using.

Here are its key specifications...

Main Features of Puff Bar

  •   Around 400 Cloud hits
  •   Works on 400mAh battery
  •   1.4ml of e-juice
  •   5% of nicotine concentration (salt)
  •   Works on Activated Firing Mechanism
  •   Portable for Travel-freaks and workaholics
  •   Lightest disposable vape
  •   Pre-charged and Pre-filled
  •   Guarded from Overheating
  •   Attractive Design built on premium plastic
  •   VG/PG is 70:30
  •   Available in 23 flavors

Refreshing e-liquid flavors of Puff Bar

  1. Mango: One of the best recreations that closely represent mango juice and make vaping more enjoyable. In the form of vapor, you are going to fall in love with this taste.
  2. Cool Mint: Get the perfect Bone-chilling mint vibes on every draw you pull. It is one of the most popular vape juice refreshments that gives you teeth-chattering perfection.
  3. Cucumber: Keep your taste buds active by inhaling the freshness of cucumber juice on each draw that you pull.
  4. Lychee Ice: Nothing is as satisfying as the taste of fresh lychee juice served on ice. The nic hits on this flavor are surreal.
  5. Strawberry: Get the explosion of strawberries while you drag the enriching cloud to your mouth. This e-juice is simple yet one of the awesome vape juice to relish the ultimate vaping satisfaction. Strawberry lovers won’t want to give up on this one for sure.
  6. Watermelon: Revitalize your senses with the epic juice of watermelon! Whether you have liked this flavor or not, once you taste it in the form of nic hits, you are going to fall in love with its lusciousness!
  7.  Blueberry: Authentic blueberries are blended in vape juice to cease the palates of its consumers. We bet you will get attached to this one.
  8. O.M.G: Bombarded with mint and menthol, O.M.G. is to hit the hardcore chill-flavor vaping fans. It hits with a deeper and boldest cool sensation and works ideal for surviving the day with maximum zeal.
  9. Lush Ice: The moment you indulge yourself in this flavor, all tiredness is going to end. It is made from the lusciousness of famous berries, keeping you joyful throughout your vaping session. 
  10. Pink Lemonade: Berries with Lime and mint are next to give you the feel-good vibes. It is like hitting on a cool mocktail.
  11. Pineapple Lemonade: This incredible vape juice is formed by mixing tarty lemon juice and fully ripped sweet pineapple juice. To add to the glory is the menthol sensation. Every inhales is like sipping a relaxing beverage drink. 
  12. Grape: Grape juice wouldn’t have tasted as good as it does while you vape it with this flavor. It strikes with a super-crisp quality that is beyond ordinary.
  13. Blue Raz: Here is the e-liquid flavor for living the deliciousness of blueberries and raspberries in their best form. This blend is one of the popular choices of vapers and it does pull you back.
  14. Pomegranate: Juicy pomegranate hit is a unique mouth-watering taste for vapers to relish. It makes the clouds sweet and succulent.
  15. Tobacco: This taste gets you near the perfect cigarette taste and is suitable for all who are fond of the flavor of tobacco and cannot survive their puffing habit without it. 
  16. Peach: Just peaches are never boring and out of taste. You get to hit on one of the luscious cloud hits that tastes unbelievably delicious.
  17. Caffe latte: This is one of the epic vape juice taste that is meant to impress all the coffee maniacs! Every hit strikes with strong caffeine, making your senses all the more active.  
  18. Peach Ice: Peaches with Cool Mint are all hearts and get you in a tremendous vaping mood. This extraordinary e-juice will fall in line with many of your favorite vape juices.
  19. Banana Ice- The creamy banana cloud hits taste even more fun and relaxing with the addition of mint juice. Here’s how you can enjoy more chills while you vape with your favorite fruit-flavored nic hits. 
  20. Blueberry Ice- Here’s to the frozen blueberries epic throat hits from which it would be hard for you to shift your attention.
  21. Tangerine Ice- Embrace the tartness with chill mode. The tangerine along with mint embarks you on an ecstatic vaping tour like never before. 
  22. Melon Ice- Get hooked on vaping with this ultimate flavor of melon blended with menthol. It is sure to revitalize your senses to an out-of-the-way zeal.  
  23. Strawberry Banana- This classic taste concoction tastes far yummier when inhaled in the form of nic hits. Enjoy this blissful taste that is sure to keep you satisfied!

Warning:  Nicotine is addictive and harmful to the brain development of children. Puff Bar is strictly prohibited for minors and pregnant women. Vape Wise to Stay Safe!


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