Shop latest collection of Puff Disposable Vape

Shop latest collection of Puff Disposable Vape


Raven Route is one of the top-selling online stores that offers a premium collection of vape products such as flavored e-juices, Vaporizers, Pod & Disposable Systems, Rebuildable, Mesh Tanks, Nicotine Salts and so on. From offering the latest collection to the fastest delivery and reliable customer service, Raven Route has become a customer's favorite spot to shop supreme collection of vape essentials. 

Explore our Latest Collection of Disposable Vapes

Puff Bar | 100% Authentic | Disposable Pod Device


Puff Bar recently launched a disposable vape device to satisfy your everyday needs. It is remarkably compact and lightweight design which makes it ultra-convenient to carry anywhere. It comes pre-charged and pre-filled with 1.3 ml of juice and includes no fuss of recharging or refilling. Available in 14 authentic flavors such as sweet and juicy Mango, Cool Mint, refreshing Cucumber, fruity Lychee Ice, sensational strawberry, lush watermelon, vibrant blueberry, peaceful O.M.G, Lush Ice, Pink Lemonade, tangy Grape, mellow Pomegranate, Pineapple Lemonade and Sour Apple. 

Puff Plus | New Flavors 

The all new upgraded version of the Puff Bar XXL with 7 new exciting and fruity flavors. With an integrated battery of 550 mAh and salt nicotine e-liquid of 50 mg, Puff Plus is extremely loved by the customers due to its unique and long-lasting flavors such as Cool Mint with a menthol taste, Guava Ice with cool and sweet taste, Lychee ice with sugared and menthol taste, Mixed Berries with juicy taste, Peach Ice with peppy and mint taste, Strawberry Watermelon with mild taste and Watermelon with tangy taste. 

Puff Glow | New Puff Bar Flavors

Featuring brand spanking new Puff Glow with LED technology that glows when in use. Comes in 5 exciting flavors such as Frozen Banana, Mango Apple Pear, Mint Chip, Peach Ice and Strawberry Donut. The Puff Glow demands no maintenance, recharging or refilling as it comes pre-filled with 1.3 ml of salt nicotine e-juice and non-rechargeable battery of 280 mAh. It is compact and portable that offers a strong-throat hit leaving strong satisfaction for the whole day. The airflow is fixed with availability of 300+ puffs per pod stick. It has created huge hype among the customers since the day of its launch because of its innovative structure and unique flavors. 

Puff Bar Flow Disposable Vape 1000 Puffs

A pristine and intact disposable vape that offers excellent satisfaction without any ruckus of maintenance, recharging and refilling. Available in 7 different flavors such as Papaya Banana, Aloe Mango Melon Ice, Grape Apple Pear, Guava Ice, Peach Ice, Kiwi Strawberry and Lychee Ice. It is manufactured overseas and offers a durability of 2 years. The Puff Bar Flow disposable vape supports a 600 mAh battery with unique customization and air flow control technology. Changes mood with just a single switch without any complex settings. The Puff Flow has every quality in addition to comfort to keep you content. 

Hyppe Max Disposable Vape | 1500 Puffs

The hype is all about the brand new Hyppe Max Disposable Vape that has an ability to last longer than any other pod device in the vape industry. It is manufactured overseas and has a life expectancy of 2 years. The Hyppe Max lists 10 unique flavors such as Cola Ice, Frozen Banana, Grape Soda, Lemon Soda, Lush Ice, Lychee Soda, Mighty Mint, Orange Soda, Peach Ice and Strawberry Banana. It offers an efficient liquid capacity that includes a blend of 70vg/30pg. It is an ultimate product for those looking for performance, satisfaction and durability. 

Puff XXL Disposable Vape | 1600 Puffs | $14.99


One of the most popular vape of the puff lineup, the Puff XXL has all the votes due to its sleek design, compatibility, durability, variety of flavors and convenience. It's 100% exciting and genuine flavors will take you to another level, offering supreme experience with strong throat hits. Integrated with a 280 mAh battery and pre-filled with 1.3 ml of salt nicotine juice, the Puff Bar XXL has zero brawl of maintenance, recharging and refilling. Available flavors are Lush Ice, Pineapple Grape, Mixed Berries Iced, Papaya Strawberry, Aloe Mango Melon, Watermelon Cherry, Cranberry Lemon Ice, Mango Orange Pomelo, Cool Mint and Banana Ice. 

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Fuze Disposable Vape 

The newly discovered Fuze disposable vape offering top-grade flavors and airflow control feature to provide you ultimate convenience and comfort. Comes pre-charged with an internal battery of 900 mAh and salt nicotine level of 5%. It supports 1500 puffs giving refreshing flavors of Banana Menthol, Sugared Candy, Cola Icy Menthol, Guava Ice, Honeydew Menthol, Lush Ice, Sweet Mango, Cool Mint, Peach Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, bubbly strawberry and icy menthol pineapple. Each puff is similar to the cocktail’s sip and hits very pleasantly. 

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