Flum Mello Watermelon Icy | Mega HD Screen | 20000 Puffs

$13.99 $23.99 -42% OFF

Flum Mello Watermelon Icy | Mega HD Screen | 20000 Puffs

$13.99 $23.99 -42% OFF
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Product description

Flum Mello Watermelon Icy: Refreshing Relief in a Long-Lasting Vape Experience

For an irresistibly sweet watermelon treat with an icy twist, look no further than the Flum Mello Watermelon Icy disposable vape. This long-lasting device delivers a delightful blend of sweet watermelon and refreshing menthol for a genuinely delightful vaping experience - offering over Flum Mellow 20,000 puffs for exceptional value and on-the-go convenience!

Attractive Design and Display

Flum Mello Watermelon Icy features an attractive design with a mega HD animated display screen, showing battery life and e-liquid level with captivating animations. Adjustable airflow and power settings enable users to find their ideal throat hit and vapor density. At the same time, its prefilled 5% nicotine e-liquid ensures an enjoyable vaping experience, while its rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting vaping sessions.

Key Specifications

  • Enjoy up to 20,000 puffs 

  • Large E-Liquid Capacity

  • Rechargeable Integrated Battery

  • 5% Nicotine Strength

  • Adjust Your Output Settings

  • Mega HD Screen features dynamic animations 

  • Adjustable Airflow Settings

  • Type-C Charging Port: This is for quick and efficient recharging (cable not included).

  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism


1. How many puffs am I eligible to purchase?

Enjoy long-lasting watermelon juice refreshments without running out in the middle of summer fun! At an incredible value.

2. Does the Flum Mello Watermelon Icy require refills?

Yes! This disposable vape comes prefilled with delicious watermelon-flavored e-liquid featuring cooling menthol for a tasty vaping experience. When yours runs dry, dispose of it responsibly and pick up another for more of that frozen watermelon goodness! Disposables offer convenient vaping experiences without hassle or mess.

3. Can I change the flavor of Watermelon Icy?

Unfortunately, the flavor profile for Watermelon Icy vape cartridges is fixed; however, Flum has many disposable vapes with different flavor profiles to explore! From tropical to minty flavors - there's sure to be one perfect for summertime use.

4. How can I recharge the Flum Mello Watermelon Icy?

The Watermelons Icy vape comes equipped with an easy Type-C charging port (cable not included). Connect it to a USB power source to quickly recharge! Recharging extends its lifespan, so enjoy it even longer - make sure you keep a Type-C cable handy in case the battery runs low!

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