WARNING: This Product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flum MI Disposable Vape - 800 Puffs - $12.88



Flum MI Disposable Vape - 800 Puffs - $12.88



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Product description

Flum MI Disposable Vape

Flum MI Disposable Vape ensures maximum vaping output with its 800 Puff counts. This vape gadget is structured on incredible features that release perfect cloud hits with utmost deliciousness. It provides 8 different varieties of e-liquids that represent a new era of disposable vaping. Flum MI fits comfortably in the palm of your hand which makes it easy to carry and handle. This ultra-portable vape brings an extraordinary vaping experience, taking the vaping comfort to new heights at an affordable price. Have a quick look at the features and flavors of Flum MI and book your favorite e-liquids before they get out of stock.

Key Specifications of Flum MI Disposable Vape

  • Around 800 uninterrupted cloud hits
  • Strong 5% Nicotine (in salt)
  • 2.5ml of Vape Juice
  • Pre-charged and Prefilled
  • Demands nil maintenance
  • Travel-light

Flavors of Flum MI Disposable Vape

  • Strawberry Kiwi: Dazzle your taste buds with authentically flavored vapors that consist of a rich blend of Strawberry and Kiwi juices. There is nothing as serene and sweet as this vape juice and once tried, you are going to ask for more.
  • Aloe Grape: This flavor gives you one of the lightest and velvety vape rides with an awesome play of sweetness and sourness. While the Aloe Vera extract adds a distinct light sweetness, the grape juice brings a touch of sourness that is hard to resist.
  • Strawberry Mango: The interesting combination of strawberries and mangoes never fails to amaze you with its delicious throat hits. Take your taste buds closer to the epic story of mango and strawberry vape juices that taste even better when vaped with some salt nicotine.
  • Cool Mint: The thrilling mint taste experience through vaping is one of the most-desired ones and Flum MI takes care of this. Presenting the most balanced ratio of authentic mint juice that is blended to form one of the finest vape juice in the vaping market.
  • Mix Berry: Are you fond of berries? Well, this vape juice has plenty of them! Mix berry infuses the rich vibes of popular berries’ juices and serves an incredible bombardment of different tastes that are sure to excite you.
  • Strawberry Banana: What is as sweet and nice as strawberry bananas? The taste concoction has been popular all the while. Prepare yourself to relive the best vaping moment with this phenomenal taste blend of refreshing strawberry juice and creamy bananas.
  • Peach Ice Cream: Get a great fruit punch with all the chill and creamy feels. This vape juice tastes creamy and velvety just like a spoonful of peach ice cream and strikes your palates with an awesome lingering taste. It is worth sealing the vaping integrity, leaving you thoroughly excited.
  • Pineapple Mango Peach: The trio fruit blend is going down to be your favorite. It contains light juicy and crispy tastes of mangoes, peaches, and pineapples. Who wouldn’t want to give this delicious craving to their throats? At one end, pineapples, mangoes, and peaches bring some interesting tartness while on the other they hold spectacular sweetness, blasting your flavor receptors with a pleasant vaping experience.

Note: Flum MI is not for Minors, pregnant women, and people with respiratory conditions. Also, should be used wisely within limits.

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