Geek Bar Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop | 25K Puffs | $16.99

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF

Geek Bar Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop | 25K Puffs | $16.99

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF
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Product description

Geek Bar Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop: Savor the Summer Flavors That No One Can Resist! You won't find your typical fruit taste in this disposable vape. Your taste receptors will be enticed by the sophisticated and pleasant experience it gives.

Embark on a Delightful Berry Adventure:

Luxurious Blackberry: Get a taste of the peak season for luscious blackberries. From the dark fruit's sweet overtones to its somewhat sour finish, the Blackberry B-Pop nails it all.

Stunning Pop Glaze: The Blackberry is taken to the next level with an air of intrigue and an unexpected pop sound. The whole taste profile is enhanced by this surprising twist, which adds depth and interest.

Modern Innovation:

First of its kind, Curved 3D Screen: The Pulse X's revolutionary 3D curved screen will transport you to the future. Counting puffs, remaining battery life, & vaping mode are all attractively shown on one screen.

Dual Mesh Coil & VPU Technology: With the twin mesh coil design and unique VPU technology, you can enjoy amazing taste with every puff. Vapor production is optimized for a continuously enjoyable experience with this combination.

When looking for a vape pen with innovative technology, a distinctive taste profile, and long-lasting performance, go no farther than the Geek Bar Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop. This vaporizer is unparalleled in quality since it combines the best features of disposable and rechargeable batteries.


Do you have refill options for the Geek Bar Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop, or is it disposable?

One convenient disposable option is the Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop, which comes pre-filled. You may use it again and again till the e-liquid runs out; then you'll need to buy a new one since it has a rechargeable battery.

How do I adjust the settings on this vaporizer so that it suits my tastes?

You can customize your vaping experience with the Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop's adjustable airflow function. You may get a cigarette-like hit with a tighter Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) pull, or you can inhale more freely into your lungs for thicker clouds.

How exactly does the dual-mode power system stand out?

With the dual-mode power system, you may vape smoothly and consistently with 25,000 puffs in Regular Mode, or intensify the taste with 15,000 puffs in Pulse Mode.

How does the Geek Bar Pulse X Blackberry B-Pop taste?

The Blackberry B-Pop is a delightful blend of ripe blackberries, sweet undertones, and a touch of tartness, all enhanced by a lively pop sensation that brings out the flavor's depth and mystery. 


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