Geek Bar Pulse X Blue Rancher 25K Puffs Disposable Vape

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF

Geek Bar Pulse X Blue Rancher 25K Puffs Disposable Vape

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF
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Product description

Do you recall the beloved blue candy ranchers from your childhood days? With the Geek Bar Pulse X Blue Rancher, be ready to relive those indulgent moments! Not just another fruity flavor, this disposable vaporizer is a full-on nostalgic blast that will entice your taste buds and take you back to simpler times.

Let Go of a Wave of Tangy and Sweet Bliss:

Vibrant Blue Raspberry: Explore a world of delicious blue raspberries. With a perfect blend of sugary sweetness and acidity, the Pulse X Blue Rancher wonderfully embodies the essence of this beloved candy.

Every Puff Is a Candy Crush: Shut your eyes and inhale. With a delicious blend of sweet and sour overtones, the Blue Rancher taste will quickly transport you back to your favorite blue candy and make you want more.

Recharged and All Set: Say goodbye to fumbling for a plug! With the integrated rechargeable battery of the Pulse X, you'll never be caught without a vape. Additionally, the fast charging features allow you to quickly resume indulging in your addiction to blue candy (charger offered separately).


What data is shown on the 3D curved screen?

The Pulse X's 3D curved screen presents important data in an eye-catching way, including the amount of battery life left, puff count, and the vaping mode that is currently selected.

Is the Blue Rancher flavor available in other Geek Bar models?

The Geek Bar Pulse X series is particularly made for the Blue Rancher taste. To ensure you have identical taste selections, it's advisable to verify the product line for availability in different models.

Why is the Geek Bar Pulse X Blue Rancher a travel-friendly product?

With its high puff capacity, rechargeable battery, nostalgic taste, and pocket-sized design, the Geek Bar Pulse X Blue Rancher is a fun and practical choice for on-the-go vaping.

What is the Geek Bar Pulse X Blue Rancher's taste profile?

Replicating the popular candy flavor, the Blue Rancher flavor has a strong blue raspberry taste that combines sugary sweetness with a hint of acidity. 

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