Geek Bar Pulse X Lime Berry Orange | 25K Puffs | $16.99

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF

Geek Bar Pulse X Lime Berry Orange | 25K Puffs | $16.99

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF
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Product description

Geek Bar Pulse X Lime Berry Orange will transport you to a realm of innovative tastes and state-of-the-art technology. With its unrivaled performance and superb flavor, this premium disposable vape changes the game when it comes to vaping. The Lime Berry Orange Geek Bar Pulse X combines cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and mouth-watering taste to create the ideal vape pen for vapers who value longevity and refinement.

A Novel Flavor Pulse X Combination

Lime Berry Orange Pulse X is an expertly crafted taste that combines the tang of lime, the sugar of mixed berries, and the juicy orange. The taste profile of each puff is intense and thrilling, providing a burst of energy while also fulfilling your hunger.

More Time Spent Vaping

The Geek Bar Pulse X's extraordinary durability is one of its most striking characteristics. This long-lasting device has a capacity of up to 25000 puffs, providing a lengthy vaping experience that is superior to disposables.


Is there anything unique about the Lime Berry Orange taste?

For a delightful and invigorating vaping experience, try the Lime Berry Orange flavor. It mixes the sourness of lime, the sweetness of mixed berries, and the juicy orange.

How does the Geek Bar Pulse X's battery life stack up?

It has a rechargeable Type-C battery with 820 mAh capacity that can be fully charged in 20 minutes and enables quick charging.

What technology enhances the Geek Bar Pulse X’s performance?

For lightning-fast processing and operation, it incorporates VPU technology and a dual-core processor.

What sort of coils are used by the Geek Bar Pulse X?

The device's taste and cloud creation are both improved by the use of two mesh coils, which produce powerful and steady vapor.

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