Geek Bar Pulse X Strawberry B-Pop | 25K Puffs | $16.99

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF

Geek Bar Pulse X Strawberry B-Pop | 25K Puffs | $16.99

$16.99 $25.99 -35% OFF
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Product description

With the Geek Bar Pulse X Strawberry B-Pop, vaping will be like never before. This amazing disposable vaporizer creates a taste experience that is both exceptional and seductive by fusing the nostalgic essence and your favorite childhood frozen dessert with the sweetness of ripe strawberries. The Strawberry B-Pop Pulse X is ready to completely transform your vaping experience with its amazing lifespan and cutting-edge features.

Regardless of your level of expertise, the Strawberry B-Pop Geek Bar Pulse X  is designed to provide a hassle-free and joyful vaping experience.

Friendly to Users: The simple design and draw-activated function make it simple to use straight out of the box.

Transportable: Vaping on-the-go is made easier by the stylish and small design, which fits easily in your hand or pocket no matter where you are.

Improve Vaping Experience Right Now

Savor the sensational taste and cutting-edge technology of the Geek Bar Pulse X Strawberry B-Pop. This disposable vape offers an incredible vaping experience with its delectable combination of rich strawberries and creamy creaminess. Select the remarkable rather than the mediocre. Take a taste adventure with Geek Bar Pulse X Strawberry B-Pop and you'll be hankering for more. Get yours now.


What is the Geek Bar Pulse X's e-juice capacity?

It comes pre-filled with 18 ml of 5% (50 mg) salt nicotine e-liquid, ensuring a constant taste throughout time.

Is the Geek Bar Pulse X battery rechargeable?

Indeed, including an 820 mAh Type-C rechargeable battery that allows for rapid recharging for continuous vaping pleasure.

What cutting-edge features does it have?

The best possible vapor production is ensured by dual mesh coils, smooth operation is provided by VPU technology, and customization is possible with adjustable airflow.

What is the Geek Bar Pulse X's design?

It has a stylish appearance and the first 3D-curved screen in the world, showing important information and providing two vaping modes.

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